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Opening date: Mar 28 2024
Closing date: Sep 2 2024
Target: €2,150,000


Company summary

breggz™ created the next level of hearables. We created the world’s first fully wireless custom in-ear computer. Groundbreaking sound, custom made for your ears only, a luxury hearable, with endless possibilities.

The founder is Xander de Buisonjé, known for his career as an artist in The Netherlands. Xander has been using his In Ear Monitors (IEM) for years on stage but also privately to experience his passion for music in the best way. The professional IEMs are equipped with the best speakers in the world and support artists and audio enthusiasts in the best sound on stage or in the studio.

In 2020, breggz™ was founded and Xander's long-desired dream took shape, creating a consumer device that brings the very best sound. Quote Xandes: “I just want the world to hear what I hear!”
However, the wired version of the existing IEMs is no longer a fit in the current world of True Wireless devices. Only in 2021 the global hearables market made a revenue of EUR 37 billion, and is expected to grow to EUR 93 billion in 2026 (growth of 26.2% per year).

Changing an existing wired IEM's to a fully custom-made hearable, tailored to everyone's individual ears, is a huge innovation. To create a top-tier product, we've partnered up with the best of the industry. In close cooperation with our partners Ear Micro, Bragi, H3D, Allaboutapps and Mimi in, we developed the product.

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Breggz Holding B.V.


Keizersgracht 165
1016 DP , Amsterdam , NL




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