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Opening date: Mar 26 2024
Closing date: Sep 1 2024
Target: €1,000,002


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Our mission is to empower people all over the world to improve their mental and physical health through the power of cold therapy. We firmly believe in the benefits of cold exposure, and are thrilled you are interested in becoming part of this journey.

The birth of Icetubs

Our founder, Chiel, started his journey to innovation at age 10, eventually founding Welvaere, a leader in the European market, renowned for its luxurious wood-fired hot tubs.

In 2021, an unusual request at Welvaere sparked Icetubs: a customer wanted a heaterless hot tub for ice baths. This idea caught on, and soon after, Wim Hof, the legendary Iceman, walked through the door with the same request. Realizing the potential, Chiel immersed himself in an icy bath a week later, convinced of its invigorating benefits and set on a mission to create the ultimate icetub. Today, Icetubs has introduced cold plunging to over a thousand people —and we're just getting started.

The innovative design of Icetubs

Our Icetubs are durable, simple, recyclable, and stylishly ‘hot’ for an icetub. Made from sleek stainless steel and beautiful thermowood, powered by our state-of-the-art Icetubs engine. Our Icebarrel model won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2024, affirming our commitment to innovative design and high quality.

With a decade of experience in hot tubs, we've perfected our production, scaling, and distribution methods. Scalability is at the heart of our strategy:

1) Efficient Design: designed to stack perfectly in containers and trucks, optimizing space and reducing logistics costs.
2) Brand Recognition: Icetubs is a well-known term in the global ice bath community, and so owning the trademark and domain enhances our global visibility.
3) Durable Engineering: built for everyday use and durability, with a unique design: the tub and cooling motor function as separate units, simplifying maintenance globally.

Where do you come in?

Five years ago, this market was non-existent. Today, its annual growth surpasses 300%. In the last year, our monthly product sales increased by 1050%, and our return on ad spend reached 791%. The product is ready, our team is ready, and the world is definitely ready.

To fuel our growth, we’re offering 6.13% of our shares for one million euros, aimed at expanding our hubs in Amsterdam, Singapore, and Los Angeles for faster global service and delivery”

How is the future looking?

Within the next two years, we aim to be one of the top three ice bath brands globally. Our recent expansion into Los Angeles and planned growth into Singapore by the end of the year underline our ambitions. Our share funding model invites you to be more than an investor—become an ambassador with us. Champions like Rico Verhoeven, a world-renowned kickboxer and our partner, have already joined.

Are you ready to dive into this cool mission? Invest now and join the cold.



Travelling the world and performing as a DJ is exhilarating but exhausting. Icetubs has been a lifesaver, melting away my stress and combating jet lag, ensuring that I'm always ready for the next show.

Nicky Romero
DJ Nicky Romero

As an athlete, I want my ice bath to be clean, cold, and ready after every training session. My Icetubs ice bath has never let me down in that regard. Icetubs offers the highest quality and easiest to use ice baths I've come across, and I've tried quite a few. That's why I'm not only a daily user but also an investor. I strongly believe that Icetubs has both the product and the team to become the market leader.

Rico Verhoeven
Heavy-Weight World Champion Glory Kickboxing, Icetubs Partner and Investor

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