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The world we know today is facing severely degrading ecosystems. Earth’s vegetated cover suffers from declining trends in productivity, and species are becoming extinct at an unprecedented rate. With the current climate change crisis trajectory, the livelihoods of millions of people are seriously threatened.

At The Weather Makers we use our expertise, practical knowledge and dedication to positively and effectively influence the weather in order to stabilize the climate and achieve natural regeneration.

Ecology and engineering are used to identify and leverage cross-scale, cross-disciplinary synergies to generate positive, transformative change at local-to-global scales, with the ultimate goal to stabilize the climate system.

We developed the Weather Making Approach, which is an agile ecosystem planning, engineering and management strategy that can be implemented on multiple scales and with different stakeholder groups. It provides understanding how to regenerate ecosystems as a basis for restoring water cycles. The Weather Making approach (re)values the role of the biosphere in weather and climate and develops long-term nature-based strategies for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and translates them into targets and reward systems.



« WeForest is a scientific organization committed to making earth cooler. We actively look for meaningful partnerships such as with TWM to make it happen now. «

Marie Noëlle Keijzer
CEO of WeForest

« I came to know The Weather Makers as a group of enthusiastic, inspiring and committed people with a passion for their work. During our project about growing plants in the desert, came to visit several times to see the growth of the plants with their own eyes; something which doesn’t happen often. «

Dr. ir. G.W.W. Wamelink
Wageningen University and Research

« Clifford Chance in Amsterdam feels a strong connection with The Weather Makers. A professional team with an inspiring vision towards climate change. I warmly recommend them. The Team of Clifford Chance has given advice on multiple larger sustainable energy projects and also the National Energy Saving fund and likes to collaborate with The Weather Makers. «

Hein Tonnaer
Partner Clifford Chance

« The Weather Makers is ambitious in its efforts to make landscape-scale interventions in the climate system. As our rapidly changing climate reveals, we will doubtlessly need such interventions if we are to stabilise the climate. «

Timothy Fridtjof Flannery
University of Melbourne and author of ‘The Weather Makers’

« I’m very impressed by The Weather Makers. They work with dedication and the utmost professionality on the environmental restoration and with this they contribute to all our well-being. «

De heer A.H.E.M. (Nout) Wellink
former president van De Nederlandse Bank

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The Weather Makers B.V.


Burgemeester Loeffplein 70B
5211 RX , 's-Hertogenbosch , NL


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Corporate action
May 16 2023
Investment round The Weather Makers extended
Press Release
Mar 13 2023
Together with HCSS we will be hosting a Side Event inside the UN Headquarters during the UN Water Conference
Press Release
Nov 18 2022
Cooperation Agreement getekend door het Belgische baggerbedrijf DEME en de Suez Canal Authority.


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€500,000.00 investors
Raise source: equity, August 2022



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